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What is ThirdThursdays @ The Rosebud?
ThirdThursdays @ The Rosebud is a live music series that takes place the third Thursday of each month at the Rosebud Bar & Grill in Davis Square, Somerville, MA. This series presents both established and up-and-coming (mostly) local bands and musicians. Sometimes the musicians are well-known locally from a previous band, but their current band is not as well-known. But all these bands are worth knowing, and this series helps give them some of the recognition they deserve. It is hoped that people come to see these bands on the basis that they are good, even without being familiar with them.
Do you really have music in the diner? What the...?
The music is not in the diner. The Rosebud Bar & Grill is located behind the diner. Follow the path just to the right of the diner (when facing it).
How big is the place?
It currently has a legal capacity of 100.
The 9:00 start time is kind of late for a week night. Why do you start so late?
Compared to many clubs, the 9:00 start time is not late. Because there are only two bands per night, the music ends early enough so that it is not too late a night (for those who need to get up early the next day or take the T home). And you only have to get through Friday before the weekend.
The 9:00 start time is kind of early for me. Why do you start so early?
These Thursday shows start (and end) earlier than the weekend shows for the benefit of those who need to be up early the following morning. You can have dinner here, and you are welcome to stay after the music ends.
How late does the music go?
This will vary depending on the bands. Typically, each band will play for about 45 minutes to an hour with about a 15- to 30-minute break between bands, so the music would end by 11:30 at the latest. But if bands want, they can play longer, possibly as late as 12:30 (though this will rarely, if ever, be the case).
Is there music there other nights?
Yes, but this web site is for the ThirdThursdays series only. For additional information, see The Rosebud Bar & Grill.
What is served at the Rosebud Bar & Grill?
There is full bar with many types of drinks. The kitchen also serves food -- for a full meal or snacks.
Where can I park?
Here is the City of Somerville's Davis Square Public Parking Lots map. The Rosebud is right across the street from the Cutter Street Lot (number 5). In addition, there are metered spots on Elm St., Cutter Ave. and other nearby streets. Meters are in effect until 8pm. The Rosebud is also close to the Davis Square T stop, and the ThirdThursdays shows end in time to take the T afterwards.
I notice that this web site is part of the web site. What is the relation of this series to The New England Pop Music Festival?
This series is being organized by the founder and organizer of The New England Pop Music Festival (NE PopFest), which most recently ran in September 2011. While many of the performers in this series would fit well in NE PopFest (and some scheduled performers have played it), the ThirdThursdays series has a broader scope, comprising a greater variety of musical styles (not that "pop" doesn't already have a pretty broad scope).

Note: As with most current FAQs, these are not really frequently asked questions. They are, however, questions that we suspect would be frequently asked were they not preemptively answered here.

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The Rosebud Bar & Grill
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