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Frequently Asked Questions for Bands

How many bands/sets are there each night?
In general, there are two bands per night, each doing one set. On very rare occasions there have been nights with only one band doing two sets. If there are two bands and one wants to do a second set (the third of the night), that can be arranged, too.
What are the set times?
This will vary, depending on what the first band wants. Tthe first band should go on on promptly at 9:00pm and can play a typical 40- to 45-minute set or longer, just so long as the second band goes on at 10:30 at the latest. So the second set can start as early as 10:00, as late as 10:30, or somewhere in between. The second band can play a standard set or longer if they so desire, or even two sets, but the music must end by 12:30 (and will typically end long before that). If you want to play an extra-long or second set, please discuss it with me ahead of time. We might even be able to arrange for the first band to play a second set after the second band, if everyone wants that.
When do we need to be there?
Load-in is between 8:00 and 8:30, through the back/side door (though you may need to send someone in the front to open it). Any equipment not immediately being put on stage (including cases) should be stored on the back wall, near (or under) the pool table.
Will we get paid for playing?
Yes, with the amount depending on the door. Email me if you need more information about this.
Will there be a sound person?
Yes. You are also welcome to do your own sound or bring a sound person.
What is the sound setup?
The sound in the room is primarily stage sound, and it is surprisingly good. There is a full sound system -- the components were in the dearly departed Abbey Lounge -- for vocals (and sometimes for keyboards, miked instruments, acoustic guitars with pickups, etc.) consisting of a mixing board, EQ's, effects, amps, etc. along with speakers and monitors. The club had 3 mic/stand/cable sets and may have acquired more (I'm not sure), but if you want more (or want your own), you should bring them.
Do we get a guest list?
Each band can have 2 people on the guest list. Any more would be unfair to a band with fewer people on the list. If you want to have more people on the list, you can do so by paying for them ahead of time. Since the band is paid based on the door, you'll be getting much of it back.
Do we get free beer or food?
There will be some free beer.
Can we put up posters at the club to promote the show?
Yes. Be sure to put them near where other posters are, not anywhere you like. If you're unsure, ask.
Can we sell our merch at the show?
Of course! Why would you even think to ask that?
How do I get to play in the ThirdThursdays series?
Most bands that play are ones that I already know or are referred to me, but you can contact me (see below) if you want to play. Note that with only 2 bands per show and only one show per month there are not that many bands that get to play this series.
What if I want to play at the Rosebud other than for the ThirdThursdays series?
See The Rosebud Bar & Grill for that information.

Note: As with most current FAQs, these are not really frequently asked questions. They are, however, questions that we suspect would be frequently asked were they not preemptively answered here.

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